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Find the right interior design & renovation company in Singapore for your needs.

The layout and aesthetic of your home is a deeply personal thing. When it comes to renovation, one of the key consideration has to be creating a space which speaks to your personal taste and lifestyle. The process of finding the right interior design & renovation company to undertake your ideal project plays a crucial role in whether or not your ideal house is successfully completed. The right interior consultant is the one who is able to understand your aesthetic preferences and intuitively understand the kind of space which is best suited to your lifestyle . At Arts 2 Design Studio , we specialized in delivering your ideal home that perfectly fits to your interior design taste.

Arts 2 Design Studio

An established interior design and renovation firm since 2011. From all sizes of residential and commercial properties, we provide solutions to our customer's aesthetic and practical requirements. Along with many years of experiences, we strive to satisfy our customers with our creativity in design and responsibility in all projects.

Renovation Process

Why Choose Us

Ideal Budget

Most of the renovation decisions are based on the budget you have set aside. The key consideration to choose us is we would understand your design requirement and perfect it with your desire budget.

Professional Consultation & Value-added Service

At Arts 2 Design, we tend to set up a Whatsapp group chat for the homeowners before the commencement of a project. Updates will be provided periodically for any amendments of 3D drawing, renovation work in progress and after sales service. This includes recommendation of tiles, furnishing, light accessories, sanitary fittings and etc.


Quality is our assurance! In Singapore, we provide quality and completed work which is built locally with personal designer project. The layout and aesthetic of your home is a deeply personal thing. At Arts 2 Design, we believe we can deliver the ideal homes to you.

Maximise Profits

Our team approach guarantees our clients dedicated customer focus and an innovative plan to optimise space and layout so clients can avail of every opportunity to increase productivity and maximise profits.